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Rare collection of Black American 1920s home movies/travel films online
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This could be a fascinating resource for history enthusiasts and writers.  It seems that you'll need to go to the archives to actually view all of the films in their entirety, but there are some intriguing samples and stills online.  The captions below the stills make it clear that these Oklahoma communities were able to develop some economic power through the growth of Black-owned  businesses (ownership of an oil well, farming, shareholder's meetings, etc.).


"A Funeral March"

Solomon Sir Jones (1869-1936)

Solomon Sir Jones, Baptist minister, businessman, and amateur filmmaker. Jones was born in Tennessee to former slaves and grew up in the South before moving to Oklahoma in 1889. Jones became an influential Baptist minister, building and pastoring fifteen churches. He was head of the Boyd Faction of Negro Baptists in America and was a successful businessman.
Description: "The Solomon Sir Jones films consist of 29 silent black and white films documenting African-American communities in Oklahoma from 1924 to 1928...Jones filmed Oklahoma residents in their homes; during their social, school and church activities; in the businesses they owned; and performing various jobs. The films document several Oklahoma communities, including Muskogee, Okmulgee, Tulsa, Wewoka, Bristow and Taft. The films also document Jones's trips to Indiana, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, New York City, South Carolina, Colorado, and overseas to France, England, Palestine, Switzerland, Italy, Northern Africa, and Germany."

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I am sharing this with my facebook family. Thanks much.

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